Frequently Asked Questions



What is personal contract hire and what does it mean?

Personal Contract Hire (PCH or personal leasing) is an increasingly popular way for private individuals to acquire a new car.

It’s a long-term rental agreement and you normally make monthly payments over a fixed period of 3 or 4 years with an agreed annual mileage.

Advance rentals can be adjusted to suit your budget and can be as low as one monthly payment.

As you lease the vehicle and return at the end of the contract, you don’t have to worry about depreciation and the resale value of the car.

At the end of the contract, you return the car and pick up your new one, you will not own the vehicle.

You can also include a cost-effective maintenance package, offering you piece of mind and fixed cost!

What makes and models do you provide?

We can provide you with any make of model of car, if you can’t see the model you like on our website, ask a member of the team and they’ll organise a quote for you.

What is the difference between leasing and buying a car?

Leasing is a contract between the customer and that involves the customer paying an initial advance rental in return for the hire of a new vehicle for an agreed term and mileage. The customer will pay set monthly payments throughout the agreed time and at the end of the car or van leasing contract term, the customer will hand the vehicle back to the dealership. Leasing is essentially the long-term hire of a new vehicle, you will not pay for the whole of the vehicle or own it at the end of the contract.

When buying a car, you can choose between a number of options, all of which usually involve the customer owning the vehicle or the option to own at the end of an agreement. Popular ownership options include, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP), cash or loan.

Can I Lease a car with no advance rental?

Typically, most customers will make an advance rental at the beginning of a car leasing agreement. Advance rentals can be adjusted to suit your budget and can be as low as one monthly payment. 

When leasing a car who is the registered keeper?

We will be the registered keeper of the vehicle throughout the term of the agreement and the tax book will be retained by us.

Can I take the car outside the UK?

Yes, you can take the car outside the UK. Please ensure you have the correct cover and documents for travelling outside of the UK, including insurance, VE103B (Vehicle on Hire Certificate) and the relevant breakdown cover. You will also require an ‘Authority to Travel Letter’ which can be obtained by contacting our office on 02890 849777.


Does leasing affect my mortgage or other finance agreements?

As personal leasing is a finance agreement, all repayments will appear on credit reports and will be considered in the same way as other financial outgoings. It’s always important to fully consider affordability both now and in the future when considering any form of finance.


Can a car lease be terminated/returned early?

Should you wish to return your vehicle before the contract end date an early termination fee may apply. This is calculated by comparing the finance settlement with the trade valuation at the time of return. The difference in these figures is the termination fee.


Who can have a leased car?

There are certain conditions which need to be met to lease a vehicle. Most companies have a minimum age requirement of 18. You must hold a valid UK driving licence. You will need to be able to demonstrate employment history together with a reasonable credit rating. If you’re unsure, please give us a call.


Is there a minimum period I can lease a car for?

At Your Preference, our standard lease term is typically 36 or 48 months.


Is there a penalty if I exceed my agreed mileage?

We understand your circumstances can change and if you exceed the agreed contracted mileage, an excess mileage charge will apply on return of the vehicle.

The rate charged (pence per mile) will be confirmed with your agreement. During the term of the agreement, we can provide you with the option to adjust your monthly payment to reflect any increased mileage.


Can I add maintenance and what would be included?

Yes, you have the option of a maintenance package. Our maintenance package is designed to offer you peace of mind and a fixed monthly cost.  It’s in addition to the standard manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance that comes with all new vehicles.

We only use franchised dealerships and qualified technicians for your servicing work.

  1. All manufacturers’ scheduled servicing, repairs, parts and labour
  2. Bulbs, batteries, exhausts, wiper blades, alternators, starter motors and brakes
  3. Tyre replacement for routine wear and tear
  4. Breakdown assistance for the term of your contract
  5. Free punctures when a tyre can be repaired
  6. MOTs
  7. Courtesy car during routine servicing
  8. A relief vehicle if your car is off the road due to mechanical failure
  9. A dedicated, qualified maintenance team to deal with any queries


What are the maintenance exclusions?

  1. Repairs or replacements which result from accident damage, driver error or vandalism
  2. Repairs or replacements due to incorrect or inadequate fuel
  3. Missing or broken items
  4. Damaged windscreen and/or glass replacement
  5. Lubricant and fluid top ups between service intervals e.g. fuel, oil top ups, screen wash, AdBlue etc.
  6. Renewal of vehicle subscription services such as telematics, internet, apps, music etc. after the initial period provided by the vehicle manufacturer.


Is Insurance included as part of the standard lease price?

No, you will arrange insurance with an insurer directly and we ask that it’s fully comprehensive for the term of the agreement.


Will the vehicle be taxed for the duration of the lease?

Yes, road fund licence is included in the monthly rentals for the term of the agreement.


What happens when the lease ends?

At the end of the contract the vehicle must be returned to Fleet Financial in Mallusk or Charles Hurst on Boucher Road, Belfast.

A vehicle condition report will be provided when you return the vehicle at the end of the contract. We use the BVRLA ‘Fair Wear and Tear’ guidelines and a copy of our ‘Fair Wear and Tear’ guidelines is provided with your new car or call us on 02890 849777 to arrange a copy.

Please ensure the vehicle is clean and free from any mechanical defects.

The vehicle should be returned with all equipment supplied from new e.g. spare key, handbooks, locking wheel nuts, satellite navigation SD Card/DVD,

warning triangle etc.

Any excess mileage or recondition costs will be agreed and payable when the vehicle is returned


Can I trade in my existing car?

Yes, we can value and arrange the purchase of your existing car.


How do you source your lease vehicles?

We only source from UK main franchise dealers. This enables us to provide an excellent level of service to you. 


Do you deliver throughout the UK?

Yes, over the years we have developed a UK wide network of trusted suppliers supporting the sourcing and delivery of cars throughout the UK.


Where can I find the best car lease deals in Belfast?

By leasing with us, you are guaranteed to find an extensive range of the best car lease deals in Belfast. We have access to all makes and models of cars. 

Take a look at our latest offers and discover brand new cars with affordable fixed monthly payments in Belfast.

We also offer exclusive discounts for Public Sector Employees.